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Save the cat! Write a novel​

I was late to the party finding this book, but once I did it changed how I saw the structure (Beats) of my stories.


Ever wonder how many scenes it should take your protagonist to get come to terms with their new ability, or conflict? Verses how many scenes should be in the middle where they are running towards their goal. How many scenes should I have them struggling uphill to that last configuration?

With a detailed breakdown of the major pacing points (Beats) and examples across multiple genres, this book helped me find, and understand pacing for the first time,

Holly Lisle Writing Courses

For years I have used Holly Lisle's Writing Course to teach me about various parts of writing from villains to plot to revision. Click on the link of the right to find out more about how each of these courses helped me write my stories 

Scrivener - Novel Writing Software

Campfire Pro - Series Bible and development 

Aeon Timeline -  Timeline tool that links to Scrivener 

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