Writing Courses

Below is a selection of Courses that I have used while writing. These have worked for me, helping me keep writing, generating ideas and taken me from a first draft disaster to a completed and revised novel. I hope they can help you too.

Some links may be affiliate links. If you do not want to use the affiliate links, I still recommend everything below and a quick google search will take you there direct.


How to Think Sidways

By Holly Lisle

This was the first of Holly's Course that I tried. I used her sweet spot map to create and expand new ideas that I never imagined I could have.

It contains fun and easy ways to rewire your brain and get your muse back by your side, and various more career orientated advice about writing.


How to Revise your Novel

By Holly Lisle

I used How to Revise your Novel method to edit several of my novels, it's helped me change a disaster into something that is coherent.

This course changed the way I look at editing my novels forever. I no longer just look at the words on the page, instead, I see the characters and plots, and the chaos that I left in their wake. It lets me take those pieces and make it work together, or strip out the parts that don't belong. It's not just moving around sentences, it's about making sure each scene in the book means something.

These are processes that I not only use when editing, but I keep them in the front of my mind while I write, hoping I won’t have quite so big a disaster to fix next time.


How to Write a Novel

By Holly Lisle

How to Write a Novel is a course I have not worked all the way through yet. But if it's anything like the others, I cannot wait to get my teeth into it.


How to Write a Series

By Holly Lisle

There is only one downside of this course, I now have Series I hadn't planned on writing to fit into my writing schedule. 

This course is a well of information on series, how to expand on idea's and take small pieces of your world and dive into it. I loved this course.

Other Courses

How to Write Villains by Holly Lisle

I love fiction where characters are core. Not just the good guys, but the bad guys too. This book dives into the depths of Villains vs antagonist. Giving them motivations and life beyond they are bad just coz they are bad. 

How to Write Short Stories by Holly Lisle

If you need a way to generate coherent ideas and plots, with the right balance of structures on a small scale for short stories, this is the course for you. I loved working through this course.