Second Sight - Series Secrets

The first time I wrote Second Sight, I knew I wanted it to be more than just one story, but I didn't know how or what I wanted to write. This time, as I edit, it has been at the front of my mind.

Writing a series is incredibly fun. It allows me to continue in a world I have created and keep playing with characters I love. In this case, Terra, Malcolm and Logan, who you will meet as you read this short story.

One of the critical parts of using Holly Lisle How to Write a Series course is the secrets the characters keep. Sometimes as a reader, we will get to know these, other times we follow along with the characters as they fight for every little piece of information they can find. I get to create these secrets and the wants and needs that these secrets generate.

Creating the secrets of these characters surprised me even as I wrote them. It clicked in my head like a jigsaw. I'd all the pieces but I'd not been able to see the picture until it was all put together. It's one of the reasons I write.

Logan's secret especially was a surprise and something that I did not even get to touch on in this story. There are many secrets I did not get to touch on, and I am very much looking forward to revealing them as I continue to write in this world. Hopefully soon.

If you want to read Second Sight, it comes out on the 31st of July. You can pre-order it now for only £0.99 at these places -

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Terra’s world is thrown into darkness and the only thing she can see is a death she fears she cannot stop.

​​To have any hope of preventing what's coming, Terra must learn to stop fighting her past and embrace her gift, but as Seers start dying, is she already too late?


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