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Next up for Ernie is ‘In the Cards’, and if you have read the first story, you might already guess that his retirement is not going quite to plan. This story is out 16th of April and will be available on kindle unlimited.


The game is rigged; the youth is just an illusion, and for Goddess’ sake, don’t drink the tea.

Being retired was supposed to be easy. No drama, no family, no problems. Considering what he was, Ernie should have known better.

A family visitor is the last thing Ernie wants. Especially one who wants to play matchmaker, despite not being able to keep her own love life on track.

​As the games begin, he knew he shouldn’t have shown her the poker table.

​The stakes have been raised, and the prize is a night as a young couple. But when only the couple can see the illusion, Ernie must keep them safe from themselves.

The only way to stop the games is for Ernie to reunite his cousin with her girlfriend. But he is starting to wonder who thought Lust was a deadly sin. Clearly, it should have been Love.


I have thoroughly enjoyed writing these stories. Ernie is good fun to mess with, though he may disagree with me. I am taking one last chance to run through In The Cards before its release out into the wild, so I will be heads down working on that over the next week, which is probably just as well. The weather is changing back to snow. It's going to be hot tea and a cosy cardy keeping me warm I think.

Besides the Ernie stories, I have been continuing to work on my full-length Urban Fantasy Novels that expands on my short story Second Sight. This world is a lot more serious than Ernie’s, and the magic totally different, but I have been having fun with this style change. I have a long road to go before it's ready. Aiming for Dresden’s snark, which might be a great excuse to re-read the series.

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm wherever in the world you all are.

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