Bullet Journal

I have been doing a lot of reading in and around writers forums, and listening to https://www.alonewithinvisiblepeople.com/ podcast, and I have come across the concept of a Bullet Journal. The idea of this stuck with me.

I have never done anything like a journal, or diary consistently so I almost dismissed the idea completed without looking at it. But the word kept coming up over and over. So I had a look, and I loved the Idea of it, not the daily task tracking aspect – I don’t really have that many things I needs to track day to day outside of work - but the idea that you think in targets, in months, in weeks.

I bought a fox journal at amazon rather than writing it all out by hand, though this isn’t year specific so I did need to do a bit of work to set it up for the year, and add page numbers so I could do an index. It starts with goals, vision board etc, moves to months, then it gives 2 page per week, at the end are a big selection of blank pages. On the two-page weekly spread I have space to write a very short bit on each day, along with habit tracker, weekly task tracker and more. It is not the traditional bullet journal, but it takes the ideas that I loved about it and lets me make it my own.

I am primarily using it to track my progress on writing, and what I have worked on each day/week. On the blank pages at the back I have set up a section where I can write about the way the story changes, why it changed. The sort of stuff that means nothing to anyone else but me.

I am into week 1 of using it and so far it’s been useful. Let’s see how the rest of the year goes, and what it looks like to look back over the year.


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